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Wapanocca National Wildlife Refuge
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Located on the Mississippi Flyway, birding at Wapanocca NWR, at its best, is awesome. Wapanocca gets its share of rarities, like the two Red-necked Phalaropes in 2007, one on Wapanocca Lake and another a few miles west of the refuge. Woodpeckers, flycatchers, and vireos are well-represented. Barred Owl is heard on most trips and often seen. Yellow-billed Cuckoos can be common. However, the compelling reasons to visit Wapanocca NWR are the spring and fall warbler migrations. With 36 wood-warbler species on the official bird list, you’re almost certain to find something exciting.

If you are extraordinarily lucky you may discover one of Wapanocca NWR’s rarer migrants. Both Black-throated Blue Warbler and Connecticut Warbler have been seen here in recent 

The auto tour route is 6 miles long, one way, with no restrooms. Be sure to bird the bridge area, Wapanocca Lake, and the last mile. Drive slowly and stop wherever you see birds.

Nashville Warbler                         R. Howard

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Prothonotary Warbler                 R. Howard