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Two Rivers Park
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The 3-mile roundtrip main trail is paved and passes through forest, grassland, and marsh. The varied habitat ensures a great variety of bird life. On our personal Two Rivers list are 5 species of wren, 12 sparrows (including LeConte’s), 7 vireos, and 20 warblers - 152 species in all.

Surprisingly easy for a near-metropolitan park are Virginia Rail and Sora. Prompting the Virginia Rails to call is relatively easy, but seeing them, well, that’s another matter. Try your best call, recording, or hand clap at Rail Corner or the viewing platform at the end of unpaved Three Eagles Trail. You may also get a reply from a Sora. We’ve seen the latter foraging on the mud adjacent to cattails lining the 

The horse trail maze in the northeast section of the park offers a more private view of Two Rivers Park and a different mix of bird species.

Sedge Wren             R. Herron

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Cedar Waxwing                    R. Herron